Electrolux Sanitaire SC412 Backpack Vacuum

SanitaireThe Electrolux Sanitaire SC412 Backpack Vacuum is a commercial grade product featuring quiet operation in a compact but versatile package. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to operate while carrying it on the back with no need to drag a canister around the room. It has an ergonomic design for maximum user comfort. The product stores 1.5 gallons of debris and uses a filtration system with four stages for peak performance.

Quiet Motor is Easy on the Ears

The Electrolux Sanitaire is among the quietest of all backpack vacuums on the market today. It operates at a low and comfortable 71-decibel level. The machine does not produce an obnoxious whining sound right in the operator’s ear. The noise is negligible when compared to other products of its kinds. Users do not have to worry about hearing damage with long-term use and while some individuals may choose to wear ear protection while using it, most individuals find it is not necessary.

Multiple Attachments for Increased Versatility

The SC412 vacuum comes with a variety of attachments with each serving its own unique purpose. Regardless of the user’s need, an attachment designed specifically for the task will make the job easier. The telescoping steel wands allow the user to shorten or lengthen reach. The crevice tool, wall brush, floor cleaner, dusting brush and upholstery tool can easily attach to the five-foot main hose. The highly portable design and choice of multiple attachments allows users to clean larger areas quickly and efficiently when compared to using a traditional vacuum cleaner.

Users can switch between different floor surfaces, including wood, quickly and easily with the various attachments that are simple to change and suited for different materials. The price for this professional quality vacuum is reasonable when compared to similar products offered by the competition.

The Electrolux Sanitaire Specifications and Special Features

Sanitaire SC412A, Backpack Vacuum Cleaner, Lightweight, HEPA Filter, Black/RedThis product has the usual features any consumer would expect with a commercial grade vacuum. Read on for details about this product’s specifications:

* The cord reaches 60 inches for convenient use and easy access to any power outlet.

* In addition to the extension wand, it features a 1-foot combination carpet and floor tool along with a crevice tool for reaching into corners.

* Additional attachments include the dusting brush and hard floor flush.

* The vacuum weighs just 11.5 pounds and has compact measurements of 26.7″ x 15.9″ x 11.5″ so it fits on the back comfortably without unnecessary bulk.

* The shipping weight on Amazon is 25 pounds.

* Its power rating is 1400 watts and it generates 71db when in use.

* The tank holds 1.5 gallons.

Consumer Ratings and Reviews

As of this writing, the Amazon website has twenty eight customer reviews posted for the Electrolux SC412 Back Pack Vacuum. One user with back problems noted that it was easier for them to use because the design allowed them to maintain better body position even though there was additional weight on the back. However, most consumers give high praise for the quiet operation and one noted it is quieter than any other vacuum despite the fact it is close to the ears.

Potential buyers should bear in mind that the Electrolux Sanitaire is a commercial strength vacuum with many attachments built to last that increase its versatility and user productivity.

Many consumers gave this machine their highest recommendation and praised it for being fast, effective and convenient to use for cleaning anywhere.

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Most consumers love using the Electrolux Sanitaire SC412 Backpack Vacuum because it is easy to carry and convenient to use on a variety of different surfaces. Its heavy-duty construction and performance may be more than most people need for use at home but for consumers searching for a powerful but quiet unit with multiple functions, this is an excellent purchase. For those looking for a powerful, commercial grade backpack vacuum cleaner, this may be the best choice.

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