Hoover Shoulder Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

hooverThe Hoover C2401-010 Commercial Shoulder Backpack Vacuum Cleaner  is much different from most other vacuums as it is portable and worn on the user’s back, like a backpack. This can make the process of cleaning a house much easier than having to push or drag the unit along. This machine moves with the user automatically.

This backpack unit shows the manufacturer has put thought into the design of the vacuum. It offers padded straps to minimize discomfort and make use of the Hoover Shoulder Backpack Vacuum Cleaner both easy and natural. The method used in strapping the model to one’s body was designed by a doctor of chiropractic. While the chiropractor may not have known about vacuums, he did know how to design the unit with the ergonomics making it comfortable and safe to carry when strapped onto the user’s back.

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Keep Dust Under Control With a Hypercone HEPA Filter

The Hoover Shoulder Backpack Vacuum Cleaner offers a hypercone HEPA air filter. As a result, there are no smells or dust when using the unit. With the vacuum strapped to the back, the close proximity makes this essential. Users of more traditional vacuums have become accustomed to occasional smells and dusts leaking through the unit; however, these problems would be intolerable in the close proximity. The full HEPA filtration system is able to keep all the nasty smells away from the user.

Motor Noise Filtration of the Hoover Shoulder Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

The Hoover Shoulder Backpack Vacuum Cleaner provides a system that filter motor noise created by the 8.5 amp electric motor. Most vacuums do nothing to lower the noise level. However, once again, the close proximity of the unit to one’s head makes this necessary. Hoover takes the idea one step further by offering the noise filtration system.

Important Specifications and Features

- The Hoover Shoulder Backpack Vacuum Cleaner offers several 1.25 inch diameter attachments.

- The Hoover Shoulder Backpack Vacuum Cleaner features a 2 year commercial grade warranty.

- The Hoover Shoulder Backpack Vacuum Cleaner is very lightweight at only 9.2 pounds with an Amazon shipping weight of 15 pounds. Dimensions are 13x13x23.

- The Hoover Shoulder Backpack Vacuum Cleaner features a 50 foot power cord and a 120 CFM electric motor for plenty of power.

-The Hoover Shoulder Backpack Vacuum Cleaner is worn like a backpack, providing comfort in movement and ease of use.

Consumer Reviews and Scores

At the time of this writing there were more than 25 customer reviews on the Amazon site. The average rating of the Hoover Shoulder Backpack Vacuum Cleaner is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The overall reviews for the backpack vacuum cleaner are excellent. Consumers offers such comments as “I cannot stop cleaning using this vacuum. It is truly amazing.” Another writes, “It is better than the invention of the wheel at our house.” Still another shouts enthusiastically saying “THIS VACUUM ROCKS!

Customers praise the lightweight portability of the unit and its ability to clean a large variety of surfaces, such as carpets and hardwood floors. For example, a reviewer on the site writes:

After using this vacuum for three to four months, we absolutely love it for many different purposes. Our home is largely hardwood floors making the unit perfect. It works well on stairs, provides excellent suction power and has been worth every penny. There is no more tugging of the tank vacuum or trying to clean floors with an upright. The bag is easily emptied and filter is excellent at removing each speck of dust. While I am unsure of how it would work with deep carpet, it does work well when used on low pile mats. After owning this unit, we do not want another type of vacuum.

Find more full reviews from consumers here.


Of all the vacuums reviewed on Backpack Vacuum Cleaners, we consider the Hoover Shoulder Backpack Vacuum Cleaner to be the best choice for most vacuum users. While suitable for use in homes and commercially, the unit remains lightweight and comfortable. It can be pricey, but is currently offered at an excellent price through a sale at Amazon.com, saving customers 2/3 off the MSRP, and making it a great deal for all that is offered in the small portable unit.

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